Export Inquiry

Maruti LifeCare is currently exporting Haemodialysis Powder,
Concentrate and Mixter including all 15+ product to more than 8+
Country including Europe and America Regions.
Maruti Lifecare also provide custom Formulation with diffrent
packaging size as per cutomer requirement.
Legal Document for Any Country as require.

Custom Formulation

We provide Custom Formulation & Packaging as per clinical requirement all over sglobe, including Haemodialysis Concentrate suppliers powder and liquid & Mixer.
Any custom formulation sample can be provided as per requirement.


  • Flexible Payment Terms.
  • Quote for any country will given within a day.
  • Custom Formulation for any make of Machine will Provided.
  • Registration to import Haemodialysis Material in any counry is Mandatory.
  • Haemodialysis Material consider as Drug or Equipment, depend upon Policy of Country.
  • Maruti Lifecare will give all necessary Support to Wholesaller & Supplier as require.
  • Packaging & Printing Material, Language choice will given to cutomer as per requirement.
  • Maruti Lifecare will provide all necessary documents including legal documents that require to import Haemodialyis material & any country.