Success is not a one-man who can achieve everything but it is when everyone who can achieve something... Since MARUTI LIFECARE was founded, our mission has been to “manufacture and supply excellent medical products to do all we can for our patients.” With this mission in mind, we have supported the progress of medical technology through rapidly changing times, making a telling contribution to our patients and society. Our mission remains unchanged. We will continue to serve as a bridge between patients and the medical industry based on our warm regard to the importance of life. Best Regards, Vishal Gardhariya

Our Management

Every human being borns with a unique ability, creativity, and different thinking...

With this great thinking, our MD Mr. VSHAL GARDHARIYA meets everyone with a warm welcome and politely. Our MD believes the success is not achieving the top-level lonely, but it is acquired when you grow with society and work towards the progress for those who are living around you and living with you.

A man who has seen a dream to serve society and with his great vision today MARUTI LIFECAREis achieving constant paramount of success, and it all happens just because of one man….our owner and MD Mr. VISHAL GARDHARIYA.

Our Team

By thinking about the future and with his long vision our MD has developed a huge network to expand MARUTI. Formally Mr. Vishal was working in Maruti as a chief executive officer for business development. Due to some critical problems when owners of Maruti Agrotech had decided to wind up the factory, Mr. Vishal has seen something for his vision and he took a risk and acquired Maruti Agrotech. After that, he was fully involved with his hard work, enthusiasm, dedication, and his unique business ideas Maruti has started his journey successfully. Mr. Vishal has done lots of changes on the micro-level for the better growth of Maruti and due to his wisdom and hard work today Maruti Agrotech became MARUTI LIFECARE.

Our MD Mr. Vishal Gardhariya has earned a degree of M. Pharm from one of the greatest University of Gujarat, Saurashtra University. He has done his Master’s from the Department of Pharmaceutical with some greatest achievements. Due to his unique business ideas, visionary thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit thrives on meeting the next challenges, our MD Mr. Vishal Gardhariya has received the youngest entrepreneur award from Saurashtra University.